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Have you explored the natural beauty of Bihar? Otherwise, plan a trip to its beautiful waterfalls, which are the natural splendor of the state. Although Bihar is the least discussed state when it comes to forests, waterfalls, and other natural beauty, it is still visited by countless nature lovers and wildlife photographers who come here to capture some unconventional photos of Bihar. In addition to visiting its stupas and other ancient wonders, get a glimpse of its natural beauty that spreads across the state. So let’s find out more about these beautiful waterfalls in Bihar.

When planning a holiday trip for your family, look no further than the beautiful state of Bihar. Patna Local Guide has here compiled a list of some of the wonderful places that the state has a lot to offer you and your family. Whether it’s a weekend or a short trip, the activities and sightseeing places of Bihar are great. One of the biggest attractions is the waterfalls in Bihar. You can find at least the 5 best waterfalls in Bihar that will captivate you. The flora and fauna of the place are too good to be true. Bihar waterfalls are found at different heights and this contributes to the element of surprise in these places. The various waterfalls also have picnic areas and bathing opportunities that will strengthen you. Then pack your bags and head towards the nearest waterfall in Bihar.

Top 5 Best Famous Waterfalls in Bihar

1. Kakolat Waterfall


Kakolat falls, located on Kakolat hill. It is located on the border of Bihar and Jharkhand, only 33 km from Nawada and 4 km from Thali Bazar (the last curve leading to Kakolat fall). This is one of Bihar’s most visited and famous excursions, where tourists come from all states and surrounding areas to witness the sheer beauty of Mother Nature that cascades wonderfully. Bihar’s Kakolat fall cascades from a height of 150 to 160 feet and forms a natural water reservoir at the base of the foot.

The Kakolat waterfall has become an increasingly popular tourist attraction in Bihar, where large crowds can be seen during the summer for weekend picnics. This waterfall also offers a variety of water sports and water fun. In addition to its importance as a tourist destination, the Kakolat Waterfall is also widely visited when a large mass is held on the occasion of bishua or chait Sankranti. This is basically a religious event accompanied by a three-day mela in which many devotees bathe in the waterfall. The Kakolat fall has great historical and mythological significance in Biharis. The waterfall is located near Govindpur Police Station, about 33 km from Nawada, on Kakolat Hill. Under the falls there is a deep, natural reservoir. Kakolat is one of the famous waterfalls in Bihar

The fall is about 49 meters high. The scene is panoramic due to the overall green area of ​​the forest. Kakolat Fall is a popular tourist destination in Bihar. During the summer season, people from all over India come to the Kakolat waterfall for picnics.

Kakolat fall traces through the mountainous terrain at an altitude of 60 meters and creates a large pool at its base which is the main attraction at the waterfall. In the summer, this beautiful waterfall remains full of local tourists and picnic lovers who come here to take a break from their regular and busy life amidst the relaxing water and relaxing environment of Kakolat Waterfall. It is also the place where Pandavas came and relieved Treta Yug King from the curse of living a python life. Therefore, it is believed that anyone who takes a bath in the water of the Kakolat Waterfall will certainly be free to give birth in the form of a snake. Is not it an interesting place to taste? If you are looking forward to rejuvenating yourself, Kakolat Waterfalls is your call this weekend.

On December 30, 2018, the Honorable CM visited Nitish Kumar Kakolat’s Fall and announced several projects related to the development of the famous Kakolat Fall. During his visit, he announced that a cable car would be built to attract tourists.

Kakolat waterfall: Commonly Asked Questions

How to Reach Waterfall: Patna – Taxi, bus or cab
Visit Duration: 2 hours
Distance from Patna Airport: 120 km
Distance from Patna Junction Railway Station: 110 km
Distance from Bus Station: 139 km
Other Attractions: Vishwa Shanti Stupa, Maner Sharif, Swarna Bhandar

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2. Dhua Kund, Sasaram


Dhua Kund fall is located in Sasaram in Bihar is the location of two waterfalls called Dhua Kund waterfalls. The waterfalls are so powerful that they are able to generate electricity of up to 100 MW. The location is significant because the Raksha Bandhan Festival is sincerely celebrated here. The scenic beauty of this place is divine and divine. Many tourists come to this place to join nature and feel happy. Families enjoy a day out here, especially during the summer holidays. The Khao River in Bihar is the creation of the Dhua Kund Waterfall. The name of the waterfall is this because of the smoky appearance created by the fog. Dhua Kund fall is one among the top waterfalls in Bihar

Dhua Kund Waterfall, Sasaram: Commonly Asked Questions

How to Reach Dhuan Kund: Sasaram – Bus, Taxi or Car
Visit Duration: 2 hours
Distance from Varanasi Airport: 130 km
Distance from Patna Airport – 155.5 Km
Distance from Varanasi Railway Station: 129 km
Distance from Patna Junction Railway Station: 155 km
Distance from Bus Station: Varanasi bus station 129 km
Other Attractions: Sher Shah Shuri Tomb, Brahmeshwar Nath Temple, Surya Mandir

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3. Karkat waterfall


Karkat Waterfall is a waterfall located near the Kaimur hills in the Kaimur district of the state of Bihar, India. Sailing, swimming, and fishing are available at Karkat Waterfalls. This waterfall is near Kaimur Wildlife Sanctuary. Karkat is another beautiful waterfall that is perfect for a walk. You have opportunities for activities such as boating, fishing, and swimming. These activities combined with the magnificent views of the waterfall give you relaxation all day. The Karkat waterfall gives the satisfaction of being one with nature. This waterfall is a segmented waterfall with a fall. Get a group of friends together and enjoy a day outside of your busy schedule. Or better yet, take your family and kids and let them enjoy the outdoors and all that nature has to offer. Karkat Wildlife Sanctuary is another great place to take kids.

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It is one of the most beautiful and popular waterfalls in the state. It is surrounded by dense vegetation and diverse fauna, and therefore the region around the waterfall also surrounds the Kaimur Wildlife Sanctuary, where it is possible to see several rare and endangered species of birds, animals, and plants. As the waterfall creates a huge reservoir, you can also sail, swim, and fish here. If you are looking for an exciting experience, it is recommended to explore the grandeur of this majestic nature established in the form of Karkat waterfalls this weekend. It is also in the list of top waterfalls in Bihar

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Karkat waterfall: Commonly Asked Questions

How to Reach Kaimur: Bus, Cab
Visit Duration: 2 hours
Distance from Varanasi Airport: 103km
Distance from Pasauli railway station: 20km
Distance from Bhabua Bus Station: 32km
Other Attractions: Karkat Wildlife Sanctuary, Karamchat Dam

4. Manjhar Kund


Manjhar Kund Waterfall is another famous waterfall in Sasaram. This is also as important as the fall of Dhua Kund. Manjhar Kund Manjhar Kund is close to the historic site of Sarasam in the Rohtas district of Bihar and is visited mainly in the months of August and September when the waterfall reservoir at its base is filled with enormous water due to heavy rains. If you want to make your summer cool and refreshing, you can take a break at Manjhar Kund and witness its splendor.

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The hydraulic energy created here is used in the local city. The Raksha Bandhan Festival is very popular here as it has some historical significance. Many tourists come to the waterfall during the festival and celebrate the bond between brother and sister. As there is an organized trade fair here, it becomes very attractive for tourists. You can enjoy a nice day here in the middle of the tranquility of the place. It is also in the list of top waterfalls in Bihar. Take your family on a trip that you will remember.

Manjhar Kund, Sasaram: Commonly Asked Questions

How to Reach Dhuan Kund Sasaram – Bus, Taxi or Car
Visit Duration: 2 hours
Distance from Varanasi Airport: 130 km
Distance from Patna Airport – 155.5 Km
Distance from Varanasi Railway Station: 129 km
Distance from Patna Junction Railway Station: 155 km
Distance from Bus Station: Varanasi bus station 129 km
Other Attractions: Sher Shah Shuri Tomb, Brahmeshwar Nath Temple, Surya Mandir

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5. Telhar


Telhar Waterfall Another beauty that blooms in the Kaimur district of Bihar is the perfect stop to spend quality moments with your family and friends in the summer season. As the surroundings of this fascinating waterfall are fresh and pleasant all year round, it is a must for you. You can not afford to lose the captivating beauty of this invisible glamor of nature. Telhar waterfalls are also popular with local tourists for its nearby sites, such as the Maa Mudeshwari Temple, which is believed to be one of the oldest temples in the region and is visited by hundreds of tourists every year.

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It is close to the Durgavati River and this leads to a wonderful picnic spot. This fall is a segmented waterfall and has a single drop. The view of the hills and the valley here is magnificent and people are drawn towards the rushing water. It is a perfect place to welcome your family and spend some time here. Buy your own snacks and food as well as water as there are no restaurants nearby. The Telhar Kund waterfall offers some of the best views. So get a good camera and be ready to click on some cool photos. It is also in the list of top waterfalls in Bihar. You can choose to visit the nearby Mundeshwari Temple and also visit the Karamchat Dam.

Telhar: Commonly Asked Questions

How to Reach Kaimur: Bus, Cab
Visit Duration: 2 hours
Distance from Varanasi Airport: 103km
Distance from Patna Airport: 216km
Nearest Railway Station: Pasauli railway station 20km
Distance From Patna Junction Railway Station: 220km
Distance from Bus Station: Bhabua 32kms
Other Attractions: Mundeshwari Temple, Karamchat Dam

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Hot Springs in Bihar: Famous Hot Water spots in Bihar

Hot springs is a place where water flows from the ground. It is the result of the occurrence of geothermally heated groundwater rising from the earth’s crust. Bihar is equipped with a number of hot springs. The water temperature in these hot springs varies from 30 to 70 degrees Celsius. The list of top 10 hot springs in Bihar is given below:

  1. Satdhara Kund – Rajgir
  2. Surya Kund – Rajgir
  3. Makhdum Kund – Rajgir
  4. Brahma Kund – Rajgir
  5. Nanank Kund – Rajgir
  6. Lakshman Kund – Munger
  7. Rameshwar Kund – Munger
  8. Gaumukh Kund – Munger
  9. SitaKund – Munger
  10. Rishi Kund – Munger

Waterfalls in Bihar: Additional Tips for the Visitors and Tourists

The waterfalls of Bihar are beautiful and scenic. Take some necessary precautions before going on a day trip.

1. Beware of wet edges and slippery rocks, as they can be harmful and dangerous

2. The pristine area around these waterfalls must be kept tidy and clean.

3. The forest area is rustic and it is good to keep the surrounding area the same as yours.

4. There are no collections to eat near the waterfalls, so it is a good idea for visitors to bring food, water and other things when they arrive at these places.

5. Do not feed animals in the area or disturb them. Do not try to irritate the animals.

6. Be sure to bring first aid kits and non-slip shoes.

7. Before going to the waterfalls, check the times and local days when it is open for visits.

Bihar’s waterfalls will definitely fascinate you and make you want to spend more time there. Having a family outing in quiet and majestic places will rejuvenate you and your family. Bihar’s list of waterfalls is ample proof that Bihar is the key to your happiness. Then come and feel the cold air and the water take your breath away. Bring your loved ones to this glorious place full of mythical associations and let the festivals familiarize you again.

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