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Varanasi street food

The street foods of Varanasi depicts the true essence of this ancient city’s culture and cuisine. Different street food from all over the country is popular all over the world because of their distinctive taste and intricate recipes. When it comes to street food in India, Varanasi, the holy city of India, has many contributions to boast of. Located on the banks of the Ganga River in Uttar Pradesh, Varanasi is one of the oldest cities in the world, and Varanasi street food is as detailed as the city’s history.

Since Aryan culture is found in the holy city, meat and beef are not so common, and vegetarian cuisine is followed mainly with a few exceptions due to Muslim homes. Varanasi’s food is influenced by nearby states, including Bihar and West Bengal, which have been given a different taste by the city’s locals. Unless you taste the culinary delights of Banaras, a journey is incomplete. Food is an important part of Varanasi’s culture. Frequented by hundreds of thousands of foreign tourists all year round, the city’s gastronomy is a spin-off between the new and the old, the modern and the old-fashioned. Some hand-picked locations and special delicacies will please your palate while in Varanasi. Also, you can check out the list of best restaurants in Varanasi for couples

Here are some popular street food from Varanasi or Benaras that you should try if you are visiting the city.

Top 10 Varanasi Street Foods You Must on Your Varanasi Tour

Live among zigzag alleys, lazy gadgets, and the monotony of the various masses of Varanasi, it is a new era of Indian culture that beautifully represents your past. Whether you want to dive into a busy and colorful street to the famous Banarasi Kachori Chaat or enjoy the scenery of the majestic Ganges in cozy rooftop restaurants of Varanasi, your desire is the command of the city. Enjoy modest Varanasi street food restaurants complemented by the best restaurants in Varanasi that exude pure Awadhi charm. Varanasi is one of the cities where dining is an experience apart. In this blog, we guide you through the final list of top 10 Varanasi street food, rooftop restaurants, top veg and non-veg restaurants in Varanasi to guide your gastronomic experience in this food paradise:

Kachauri Poori Sabji

Kachori Poori Sabzi is one of the most popular breakfast dishes in Varanasi. There are two different varieties of Kachoris-Badi and Choti Kachori. While Badi Kachori is filled with a spicy blend made from lentils called Dal Ki Pithi, Choti Kachori is filled with a blend of spicy mashed potatoes. The tasty Kachoris are served with a spicy and aromatic Aloo curry made with a generous amount of cloves and black pepper. Green pepper and dry red pepper added to the curry to make it hot and spicy.

Malaiyyo – The Most Famous Sweet of Varanasi

Makhan Malaiyyo or Nimish is a popular winter street dessert in Varanasi. Under the influence of Persian cuisine, Malaiyyo is prepared by slowly beating the milk to create a creamy texture. The milk foam is then seasoned with saffron and cardamom and garnished with pistachios and almonds on top. Amazingly light and perfectly sweet, it is served in kulhads. Malayiyyo is a well-kept secret from Varanasi that can only be experienced when visiting this eternal city.

Dahi Chutney Gol Gappe

Also popularly known as Meethe Golgappe, Dahi Chutney Gol Gappe is a sweet and spicy delight loved by children and adults alike. Gol Gappas, crispy and thin as a biscuit, are filled with a spicy mix of boiled potatoes and topped with spicy chutneys, curd flavored with Imli, Pudina and other spices along with seven. Pomegranate is also sprayed as a final decoration on some collections. Crispy and healthy, these bags have different flavors as soon as you put them in your mouth.

Matar Choora

This street food is a Varanasi version of Maharashtrian Poha and Poha Chiwda from Bihar. Made from flat rice soaked in desi ghee and cooked with spices along with peas, raisins and saffron. Choora Matar is a famous breakfast and dinner in Varanasi. Spices like black pepper, garam masala and hing are added to this dish to enhance its flavor. No onion is added to the mixture, which distinguishes it from its counterparts Marathi and Bihari. Milk or cream is also added to the mixture to improve its structure and taste.

Chena Dahi Bada

Chena Dahi Vada is a sumptuous variation of the regular bhallas cooked with lentils. Similar to Rasmalai in appearance, Chena Dahi Vada is usually served with sweet yogurt sprinkled with a touch of Masala made from jeera and black salt. These dahi vadas are served with a cup of steaming tea and are very popular for breakfast in Varanasi. The snack offers a perfect blend of bittersweet flavors.

Baati Chokha

Baati Chokha, a favorite delicacy in Bihar, is also a tasty street snack in Varanasi. Stuffed whole wheat dumplings are stuffed with roasted chana dal and spices. These filled balls are known as Litties and are toasted on charcoal. The litties are generously dipped in desi ghee and served with Chokha, which is made from a spicy mix of boiled potatoes, tomatoes, and eggplant.

Delicious Thandai

Varanasi fairs with high production of milk and curd and therefore an in-depth use of these objects can be found in most of the city’s preparations. Banarasi Thandai is famous throughout India for its refreshing taste and festive spirit. Thandai is made with seasonal fruits and is served in a charcoal dish covered with Rabri and flavorful with rose nose, ice cream, dried fruit and nuts. Spices like fennel seeds, magaztari seeds, peppers, vetiver seeds, cardamom and saffron make the flavors really rich and refreshing. People add something Bhang to Thandai on festive occasions like Holi. Thandai in Banaras is available with bhang-kick if you like. Bhang is a blend of dried leaves and buds from the female cannabis plant ingested with love in ‘Bhole Baba ki Nagri’! Baba Thandai and Thandai Ghar are two places to rejoice, in Godowlia Chowk. These are the places to visit in Varanasi if you want a great thandai.

Tasty Tamatar Chaat

Tamatar Chaat is a local version of aloo chaat and is made from a mixture of mashed potatoes, tomatoes, onions, green peppers and fresh coriander leaves. This delicious spicy chaat is too hot to handle and not too weak of heart. Spices such as chopped ginger, powdered red pepper and garam masala are sprinkled on the plate, making it deliciously fiery. It is served in a donut, a bowl made with palash leaves.

Banarsi Paan – The World Famous Paan

Banarasiya Paan is a smart choice for travelers to Varanasi, offering a relaxed and hassle-free stay every time. Paan is made from beetle nuts leaves with beetle or Supari nuts, lime and a mixture of spices and eaten with tobacco or lime. There is also Meetha Paan, a version of Paan, devoid of tobacco or lemon, but full of sweetened rose petals, fennel seeds and supple and chewy Supari.

Dahi Rabri Jalebi

Banaras is popular as the king of Jalebis. Jalebis or imartis (a bigger cousin of Jalebi) is a sweet treat too excellent to miss. Try it with Rabri and Dahi you will want to return to Varanasi for this one!

Enjoy these street foods of Varanasi when you are on a trip to Banaras.

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