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haunted places in India

Is it the case that you are a person who is attracted to the supernatural? While most people do their best to avoid encountering the paranormal, there are also a significant number of us who are actively seeking the adrenaline rush by being surrounded by the mysterious unknown. And although the existence of ghosts and spirits has been debated for centuries, the conclusions we draw come only from our own experiences.

The curiosity to know more about the unknown has inspired people to travel to the four corners of the world for many centuries. While some feel the adrenaline rushing when exploring top haunted places, most of the people prefer to stay away. India, the land of thousands of countless stories, has its own share of mysterious destinations.

Top 10 Haunted Places in India: 10 Most Popular Haunted Places in India

The list of haunted places in India is long, each associated with a scary story or folklore. They include everything from abandoned forts, deserted villages, closed mines, and scary hotels to unlikely places like courts and schools. If you want to push the boundaries and look for the supernatural, here are some of the scariest places in India that are a must-visit in every way. Check out this list of some of the mysterious places to decide if you are bold enough to explore these top 10 haunted places of India or are scared enough to stay away.

1. Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan

Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan

The uninhabited city of Bhangarh is located in the Alwar region and is one of the eeriest places imaginable and is unanimously considered as one of the most haunted places in India. It is considered so dangerous that even India’s archaeological investigation has legally forbidden anyone to enter Bhangarh Fort after dark.

Legend has it that in the 16th century, a tantric named Singhia fell in love with Ratnavati, the beautiful princess of Bhangarh. And when he knew it was an impossible marriage, he decided to use his magic to seduce her. However, the princess discovered his plans and sentenced him to death. Before his death, furious at the events, he cursed the palace for ruin and the city for being homeless and miserable forever. Nearby residents believe that anyone entering the fort after dark will not be able to return, so visit at your own risk.

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2. Kuldhara Village, Rajasthan

Kuldhara Village, Rajasthan

Rajasthan has definitely the most selected selection of desert ghost towns and cities! The village of Kuldhara is located near Jaisalmer and was originally inhabited by Brahmins Paliwal. Tradition speaks of the sudden disappearance of all the villagers of Kuldhara as well as 83 other nearby villages in 1825 in the air and leaves no trace of their whereabouts. It is said that the Prime Minister fell in love with a girl from the village and threatened to impose huge taxes on the whole village unless they married her. To protect the girl’s honor, the chief of Kulhara and its environs left their villages and cursed the land to remain uninhabited for eternity.

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3. Jatinga, Assam

Jatinga, Assam

This small village named Jatinga with a population of 2,500 inhabitants has one of the most exciting phenomena in the world, i.e. mass suicide of returning birds. For centuries, locals and migratory birds have fallen to the ground in large numbers on the moonless nights of September and October in a particular area. This has confused scientists who can find no reasonable justification for birds falling dead from the sky in such a pattern and is, to put it mildly, extremely disturbing.

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4. Dumas Beach, Gujarat

Dumas Beach, Gujarat

On the shores of the Arabian Sea, the black sand of Dumas Beach, Gujarat, has been associated with several mysteries for several years. The beach was formerly a Hindu cemetery, and many believe that restless spirits call visitors who take night walks and head towards the sea to return to the coast. There have been reports that those who do not pay attention to the voices of the dead disappear into the water forever. This paranormal beach is definitely not for the faint of heart.

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5. Lambi Dehar Mines

Lambi Dehar Mines

Once a fully operational limestone mine that employed thousands of workers, Mussoorie’s Lambi Dehar mines are now abandoned and considered one of the most frightening places in India. Due to dangerous working conditions, the lack of safety standards, and accidents, countless workers have died in the mines and are now haunting the tunnels. Strange voices and screams from mines are a regular occurrence here.

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6. Savoy Hotel, Mussoorie

Savoy Hotel, Mussoorie
Image via: Scroll.in

The story of this haunted hotel began since 1911. A spiritist named Miss. Frances Garnett-Orme was poisoned in the Savoy, and the mystery remains unsolved today. Guests claimed to have seen the miss. Garnett-Orme wandered around the hotel and heard the echo of his footsteps. This story is so infamous that Agatha Christie referred to it in her book The Mysterious Affair at Styles as well as Ruskin Bond in A Mussoorie Murder.

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7. Ramoji Film City

Ramoji Film City

You may not know that one of India’s most famous movie cities was built on the remains of dead sultanate soldiers, whose restless souls haunt the movie to this day. Stuntmen are injured in strange accidents, lights suddenly go out, mirrors are marked and equipment is regularly destroyed. Women appear to be particularly susceptible and have their clothes torn by invisible forces and have been locked in space.

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8. Dow Hill, Kurseong, West Bengal

Dow Hill, Kurseong, West Bengal

Victoria Boy’s High School and Dowhill Girl’s Boarding School in Kurseong, Darjeeling are believed to be home to many spirits whose footsteps can be heard echoing down the hallways. Countless murdered bodies were found in the woods around the schools, and several residents and tourists reported being followed by a headless boy who disappeared into the woods.

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9. D’Souza Chawl, Mumbai

D’Souza Chawl, Mumbai

Although this shawl is located in a populated area of Mahim, Mumbai, residents reported sightings of ghosts from a lady hiding in the area at night and disappearing without a trace when the sun rises. Residents believe she was an elderly woman who fell into a well while taking water and drowning because no one heard her scream for help.

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10. Agrasen ki Baoli, New Delhi

Agrasen ki Baoli, New Delhi
Image SRC: FFO

This intricate ancient site in Delhi is an architectural masterpiece and is protected by ASI. However, the locals believe it is haunted by satanic ghosts and demons hiding in the shadows after the visitors. Tourists complain that they feel a mysterious fear when they enter.

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Some Other Famous Haunted Places in India

Bombay High Court

The lawyers working in the Bombay High Court believe that one of the courts is haunted by a tortured and vengeful soul who restricts the accused’s entry into court in all murder cases. Presumably, this has been going on for almost three decades, which is also better known as historical sites in Mumbai.

These are just some of the most frightening and haunted places in India and each has tragic and cool stories. They have become popular among those who are fascinated by ghosts and spirits. If you’re one of them, you know where to go! However, take all necessary precautions in this regard.

Delhi Cantonment, Delhi

By day, this is one of the most beautiful places in Delhi, but by night it is a different story. It is said that the road that crosses the canton of Delhi has a notorious ghostly ride that goes goalless, all dressed in white and waving passers-by to stop their cars. It is believed that people who have agreed to give you a ride will never be seen again. And those who do not stop claiming that the woman runs parallel to the window and matches the speed of the car until they reach the border of the canton of Delhi.

Grand Paradi Towers, Mumbai

One of the first skyscrapers in Mumbai, the Grand Paradi Towers, is famous for the number of suicides that have taken place here (the total number is close to 20). There is a particular apartment on the eighth floor of the building that remains sealed, as many in Grand Paradi believe it is still home to liquor from deceased residents who refuse to “move on”. Random knocking on the door, the sound of footsteps in unexpected places, unexpected moments, and backstory screams led to the need for constant counseling sessions for the current residents of Grand Paradi.

Mukesh Mills, Mumbai

Built-in 1870, this mill is a notoriously scary place. Closed after a major fire in the 1980s, the factory was left in a dilapidated and frightening state. Now an important movie venue for Bollywood movies, several stars and employees have claimed to have witnessed paranormal activities in certain areas of the factory. Some have vowed never to return to the place, and the few who finish their work well before sunset.

Raj Kiran Hotel, Lonavala

Raj Kiran Hotel is located in Lonavala, one of the most popular weekend getaways for Pune residents, and may be small, but it is full of intrigue. There are specific rooms and areas where guests have witnessed several paranormal incidents. Tourists face their worst fears when their sheets are pulled hard at night or when they wake up with an inexplicable blue-ray near the bed.

Shaniwar Wada, Pune

Strong forts at night are scary anyway, but Shaniwar Wada is something completely different. A boy’s cry for help is heard at night. According to legend, a prince and heir to the Peshwa throne were brutally murdered in Shaniwar Wada. Today, painful cries of “kaka mala Vacha” (uncle, save me) echo through the fort after dark, especially during the full moon.

Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru

Bangalore, the country’s IT hub, which is also known for its pleasant climate and startups, also has some creepy stories to tell. The city of technology is often visited by many professionals for work, and if you went to Bangalore by plane, this story will send a shiver down your spine. Rumor has it that Bangalore International Airport or Kempegowda International Airport is actually haunted. The story became so furious a few years ago that even the local media covered it in detail. As the hum subsides, the story continues. The airport is one of the busiest places in any city, and if it also has a scary twist, things can go wrong, right?

The airport is spread over 4,000 hectares and is the third busiest airport in the country after Delhi and Mumbai. The airport was founded in 2008 and is a significant distance from the main town in the village of Devanahalli. Although it is a relatively new airport, stories of it being haunted have already begun to be an exception, as most haunted places are usually old or dilapidated buildings.

The haunted stories at Bangalore International Airport began one night when one of the pilots of an approaching plane saw a woman wearing a white sari standing on the runway. They asked the airport officials to take her away and thought she was crazy, but as soon as anyone got there, she disappeared.

But pilots are not the only ones who see this mysterious lady on the runway. Many other officials later condemned this woman in other parts of the airport. The lady in white terror grew to the point that many workers working in the freight department refused to work the night shift as they often found something strange in the building that was a little far from the main airport. Airport officials and air traffic controllers denied the presence of ghosts at the scene, but those who saw him had a different story to tell. The case is over now, but those who know this story can not help but wonder if they get a glimpse of the lady in white on her overnight stay from Bangalore International Airport.

Where is Kempegowda International Airport?

The international airport is located in the village of Devanahalli, north of the city of Bangalore. Flights from airlines such as AirAsia, Jet Airways, Air Pegasus, and Air India fly here.

Three Kings Church, Goa

Goa is the festival capital of India and also a popular tourist destination for foreigners. The smallest state in India is known for both its wild fun and beaches and churches. Although the Goan countryside is filled with fishing villages, palm trees, and beaches, there are also some scary stories hidden here. Goa’s beauty may leave you fascinated, but these stories give you a shakedown your back. If you have not had a dose of haunted tales from Goa, here is a spooky one for you.

There are many incredibly beautiful churches in Goa that are famous for their architecture, but there is one that has a different story to tell. The Church of the Three Kings in South Goa has a terrifying history that prevents people from getting near it at night. In a small village in Cansulim, the Church of the Three Kings stands out with a haunted story that keeps its legend alive. The village is not a tourist attraction as such and you will find mostly locals here. Get ready for the evening when people visit the church and the surroundings to watch the beautiful sunset. But still, most of them leave just before it gets dark for fear. So what’s so scary about a church? Here’s the story.

The village was ruled by three Portuguese kings at the time. However, each of them was jealous of the other and wanted to become the sole ruler of the village. They often discussed this issue, but they never found an appropriate solution to this problem. When things started to get out of hand, they decided to discuss and resolve the matter once and for all. One of the three kings invited the other two to dinner at his home under the pretext of discussing the matter.

What they did not know is that he had poisoned his meals so they would die and he would rule over the village. And as planned, the other two kings died as soon as they ate. The ecstatic king thought he would rule the whole village alone, but soon the news of his death spread and the villagers learned what really happened. The king was now afraid of being lured by the public, and so he also decided to take that poison and commit suicide. He did this, and when the villagers invaded, they found the bodies of the three kings.

They decided to bury the three together in the church itself. It is believed that these three spirits haunt the church today. Although they have not seen anything strange as such, but the strange feeling of something supernatural surrounds the church, especially at night. Therefore, people avoid taking this route at night.

Where is the church the three kings?

The Church of the Three Kings is located in the southern part of Goa, in the village of Cansulim. You will not find many tourists here and there is usually deadly silence at night.

Malcha Mahal, Delhi

Although Delhi has its own list of various scary corners and streets, none of them come close to the stories behind the terrorist house that is the Malcha Mahal. It dates from the Tughlaq era and used to be a hunting lodge.

It is said that the last descendant of the Oudh (Awadh) dynasty, Princess Wilayat Mahal, did not regain her property, as promised, after India’s independence. This led to a terrible turn when the princess committed suicide by swallowing crushed diamonds.

There are rumors that attempts to enter the fort without permission could lead to death. The truth behind such claims has yet to be explained.

Vas Villa, Bangalore

This house is located on St. Marks Road and has one of the most terrifying and haunted stories in India.

Once a happy home for a prominent lawyer, Mr. Vas, the villa saw the murder of its occupants. Murder by unjustified means was normal but really brutal and heinous.

The story is about the sisters Doice and Vera. In the year 2001, Doice Vas was stabbed several times in his own room, which led to the evacuation of the villa and of course, gained a reputation as one of the most haunted places in Bangalore.

Studies conducted by exorcists and ghost enthusiasts have proven that the village is inhabited with some negative energy, which the residents believe is the spirit of Doice Vas.

Writer’s Building, Kolkata

Writer’s Building in Calcutta is located in BBD Bagh and is with good reason one of the most haunted places in Calcutta. People who work here often heard desperate cries for help from the vacant rooms in the building. Does it look scary? The story behind this mysterious place in India goes back to the era of the struggle for freedom.

It is believed that on the night of December 8, 1930, three freedom fighters – Badal Gupta, Benoy Basu and Dinesh Gupta killed the demonic and brutal Inspector General – Colonel NS Simpson.

Since then, the spirit of this special inspector has roamed the building and streets of BBD Bagh, named after the three young freedom fighters.

Fern Hill Palace, Ooty

There is literally no haunted house in India that scares people like that. A beautiful hotel until a few years ago, it was forced to close due to the horror that the guests were subjected to.

This horror hotel gained fame after the 2002 Bollywood film Raaz was filmed here. While the hotel itself opened in 1844, paranormal activities began during the filming; in fact, Raaz is in itself a horror movie

It is alleged that some of the team members, including the famous choreographer Saroj Khan, woke up to the sound of furniture moving on the floor above them. The bar was dead when they tried to call the front desk for help. Later, to their horror, they discovered that there was no floor above them in the entire hotel.

It may seem like a publicity stunt too many people, but the hotel was closed after a number of paranormal activities were reported here.

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