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Patna, as we all know that it is known or famous as Pataliputra in ancient times, is a quintessential place for all the spiritual people and pilgrimages. From Buddhist shrines to the sacred Jainese sites to famous Hindu temples, visited by thousands of devotees every day. In this era now many religious places to visit in Patna. After all, it is one of the most ancient cities of India where many religions such as Buddhism and Jainism and many others thrived.

So, Patna Local guide is here to suggest, if you are planning a trip to Patna, Bihar this culturally rich city anytime soon, do take out time and should a visit to the below-given list of 5 famous temples in Patna.

5 Most Famous Temples in Patna To Visit For Worship

  • Mahavir Mandir Patna
  • Patan Devi Temple
  • ISKCON Temple
  • Shitla Mata Mandir Agamkuan Patna City
  • Patliputra Teerth

Mahavir Mandir Patna


Mahavir Mandir Patna is one of the most visited Hindu temples in North India. It is also the most visited temple of Patna. It is one of the most beautiful temples in Patna dedicated to Lord Hanuman, situated at the entry point of the famous Patna Junction railway station. As we all know that Lord Hanuman is famous to kill all the devils and evils and protecting the good. So we urge you to must visit once when you are on the trip to Patna, Bihar. Millions of pilgrims or devotees visit the Hanuman Mandir temple every year. Temple is run by Mahavir Mandir Temple Trust, Patna. Acharya Kishore Kunal is the chief secretary of the Mahavir Mandir Temple Trust, Patna. The Mahavir Mandir Trust is the second-highest budget in terms of temples in North India. This is one of the places to visit in Patna and tourist attraction place.

Location – Railway Junction, Near Patna, Fraser Road Area, Patna, BR 800001

Patan Devi Temple


Patan Devi Temple is one of the oldest temples in Patna, and one of the most sacred places for Hindus. The Hindus are highly attached to this temple because according to Hindu mythology, Patan Devi is one among the holy 51 Siddha Shakti Pithas in India as one of the thighs of Goddess Sati had fallen here. It’s one of the most beautiful religious temples in Patna for Hindus. You can have all the worship and other spiritual materials near the temple. A huge crowd could be seen in the temple at the time of Dushera or Durga Puja.

Location – Sadikpur, Patna City



ISKON temple is aka Shri Shri Radha Banke Bihari Ji Temple, this temple is under reconstruction and upcoming one of the most beautiful temple in Patna and city. The re-construction of the ISKON temple started back in 2007 and is yet to be completed very soon.

On completion, the ISKON temple will have 84 pillars and will be one of the largest Hindu temples dedicated to Lord Radha Krishna in the Patna, Bihar, and Jharkhand region. However, it is spread in the area 2 acres of land! Moreover, just like other ISKCON temples Patna, will also have beautiful and amazing idols and have regular kirtans and morning and evening prayers for all the devotees of Lord Krishna to take part in to get eternal peace.

Location – Buddha Marg, Patna

Shitla Mata Mandir Agamkuan Patna City


Agam Kuan Shitla Mata Mandir is a well known and famous ancient archeological sites in Patna city. Sheetla Mata Mandir, situated in the west of Agam Kuan is a famous and sacred Hindu temple in the Patna Saheb area. The sculpture of Sheetla Mata, another form of Goddess Shakti. The temple is carved out of black stones and installed in the eastern part of the Shitla Mandir temple complex with several chambers. In the second chamber, nine sacred pots symbolizing the primitive goddess Shakti are installed. A huge crowd of devotees can be seen during the Durga puja or Dusherra. According to archaeological findings and religious beliefs attribute different periods to Agam Kuan and Maa Sheetla Mata Mandir – from Mauryan to the Middle Ages.

Location – Agam Kuan Near Gulzarbagh Railway Station Patna City

Patliputra Teerth Temple


Patliputra Teerth is considered among one of the oldest Jain temples in Patna and is a luminous white structure that ready to welcomes Jain devotees and tourists from near and far from Patna Bihar. Rising to a height of 60 cm, the main idol in this temple is the Jain god Shri Vimalnath Swami. This temple has a special significance in the Jain community because Patna is a city where many legends related to this religion originate.

Location– Dariyapur Gola, Bakarganj, Old Patna

We have tried to cover some of the most famous temples of Patna, Bihar but if we are missing any then you can suggest to us in the comments.

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