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How many insane numbers of sleepless nights you have spent to plan your wedding and every little detail, your dress, the guests, the wedding photographer, and even then the list does not look like it will end soon! Among this rush is the joy of starting a new one life. Planning your dream honeymoon may have escaped the cracks of how you want a wedding planner to get out of nowhere to book the best and top romantic destination for your dream honeymoon. After all, this new part of your life journey should be perfect, too, right?


Do not worry! We at Patna Local Guide, hand-picked these top 5 best honeymoon destinations in India for your ultimate romantic day’s hiatus. From the famous Goa beach paradise to the fully snow-capped valleys of Kashmir, this list of best places in India for honeymoon has everything that will help you create unforgettable memories that you will cherish forever.

Top 5 Most Exotic Honeymoon Destinations in India


Goa, when we heard this place name automatically mind strikes on various famous beaches, romance with your lovely partner, parties, Masti, Fun, and many more things, and this place not needed any introduction. It is one of the most famous honeymoon destinations in India for newly married couples. Goa has everything for everyone to ensure that your dream honeymoon period never ends.


Things like Pleasant margins, eclectic nightlife, glorious Portuguese architecture, a burning glass of bear feni, and a very delicious vindaloo full of spices. This is the real and exotic Goa for you. A coastal paradise with a burst of sparkling sunshine in the background. Goa has more than enough to make you fall in love with this place and your partner again and again and make sure that your wedding fever does not go away.



Fabulous houseboats, mountains, lakes, coffee plants and spas, and delicious spices – Kerala has one of these natural gifts all! Walkthrough the lush green tea plants together, soak up the healthy air, or just sit on the front porch of one of your private cabins. Charala’s charm will hold you back for more because you will never get tired of Kerala’s backwater and heavily surrounded greenery delights. These stunning scenery and many marvelous natural things make it a popular and most romantic honeymoon places in India.

Andamans (Neil Island)

Andamans island should be one of the tops of the list of favorite honeymoon destinations in India because this is a beach paradise like none other. Sunny beaches, a hint of popular historic and world-class water sports, make the place Andamans one of the ideal honeymoon places in India for newly married couples.


You do not need to travel to Thailand, Mauritius, or the Maldives when you can look out the window to see the brightness of the significant lighthouses scattered on the nearby islands or places for a walk on the white sandy beach of one among the best beaches in India and Asia. Andamans offers the perfect stay and hospitality for couples to make unlimited memories.

Kashmir (Gulmarg)


Stunning and mesmerizing views that you can feel like Switzerland in India, Kashmir is the perfect place for honeymoon in India as we all know that the place Kashmir, is also known as the heaven on the earth. The white snow mountains and icy cold weather will make you stumble up in front of a hot fireplace (or heater) in no time while enjoying the panoramic views seen just outside your hotel window. Take time to experience the local cuisine taste and exotic meals, explore the snow-stuffed mountains, the wildflower lines, and the spectacular and famous Dal Lake with your lovely wife or love partner and understand why the beauty of Kashmir is unparallel to none.

Udaipur (Rajasthan)

Udaipur, as this city name strike in your mind your start considering about significant and remarkable palaces and favorite wedding destination in India for the Bollywood celebrities and other eminent personalities. After this one question will strike in your mind that Is Udaipur as exotic as Bollywood claims to be? The final answer is yes. Many places are here like sparkling lakes, iconic palaces, and prominent museums that make Udaipur one of the most romantic places in India for couples.

Img Src: Rajasthan Tourism

You can live and feel the exotic lifestyle of Raj Gharanas with your lovely partner as you weave your way through the streets of Udaipur and genuinely immersed in vivid colors and popular culture of Udaipur, Rajasthan. There are many things you can do in Udaipur, or you can choose to enjoy an exotic dinner with your loved one in the middle of the lake, sailing on the River Water. Admiring its lively art scenes and the charm of the ancient old world, and you can catch all these unforgettable memories from your dream honeymoon on your camera.

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