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couple-enjoying-rain best monsoon destinations in India

The rain is so magical and wonderful in India. The monsoons in India are unique as the beautiful country is blessed with abundant rainfall in the season from June to August. Although many travelers do not consider this a good time to travel. But elsewhere this season there are some of the best monsoon destinations in India where you can lose your heart again to enjoy the incredible rain and dampen all your tensions.


The environment, which has become violent due to the swell heat in May, has exploded with life due to an abundance of humidity. It’s no surprise that this season is immortalized in our folk songs, movies, plays, and old lyrics. Instead of staying at home during this rainy season, you can venture out to the places presented below. You will not be disappointed.

Coorg-Karnataka best monsoon destinations in India

Patna Local Guide is sharing a list of some of the most spectacular monsoon destinations in India, you are sure to change your mind about the glorious Indian rainy season. These are the places where you can enjoy a holiday along with your lovely partner, family, or friends to relax, stroll and venture with gentle winds, light raindrops, and the delicious smell of the Earth. The season of happiness, beauty, and relief, enjoy an unforgettable holiday in India with such joys. Here are the top monsoon destinations in India listed for you.

Top 10 Best Monsoon Destinations in India

1. Lonavala, Maharashtra

Maharashtra Tourism

If you love to be sunbathed by humid and rainy clouds, Lonavala in Maharashtra is the place to be in this monsoon. Lonavala, which rests in the lap of the lush vegetation of the Sahyadri Mountains in Western Gates, is one of the most beautiful mountain stations in India. Come rain, and happiness is truly out of this world. Clouds come down over the land accompanied by a soft tune of rain and the sudden appearance of a rainbow in the sky.

Bhushi Dam, built on the river Indrayani, is a popular place. The picturesque lake Pawna, surrounded by lush forests, enhances the beauty. Lake Tungarli looks absolutely romantic. The rain does not ruin the fun of the hike, as there are scenic trails to Tiger’s Leap, Lion’s Point. For a meeting with history, Fort Rajmachi and Tikona are delicious, which look really fascinating in the monsoons.

Why Lonavla is Famous For Its Magical Monsoon?

The British era built place is famous for its cold climate and is full of vegetation during the rainy season. With the option of crossing the Mumbai-Pune Expressway or using National Highway 4, your trip to Lonavala will be as memorable as the destination itself.

More Things You Can Do in Lonavala

Do not miss the opportunity to travel to Amby Valley when you are in Lonavala – the road that connects you to this place is simply magical in the rain. Do not miss it; There is a reason why Lonavala is at the top of our list of the best monsoon destinations in India.

2. Coorg, Karnataka

Karnataka Tourism

Coorg is also called and popular as Scotland in India. One of the most beautiful monsoon destinations in India, Coorg is not only one of the most beautiful mountain stations in Karnataka, India. Coorg is blessed with stunning scenery with many coffee plantations, it is the perfect travel destination in India during the monsoons.

During the rain, the waterfalls of the monastery and Jog run at full strength, creating an impressive image. Also take a hike to the highest peak in Tadiandamol, which is known for its wonderful nature if you like adventure sports. City Cup, Fort Madikeri, and other sights are just as pleasant. If you are lucky, you will get a glimpse of a rainbow.

Magic of Monsoon

Climb the hills beyond Kushalnagar in the rain and you will be surrounded by a ubiquitous fog that reduces your visibility to almost nothing. Fortunately, you will see a few travelers on the road, so your trip will be comfortable. On the way up, every country is guaranteed green. If there are no clouds blocking your view, you will see distant hills surrounded by clouds.

More Things You Can Do in Coorg

When you arrive at your destination, you can choose to relax in a cozy home in Coorgi or climb the Thadiyandamol peak. Whatever you prefer, you will definitely like it.

3. Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu

Kodaikanal-Tamil Nadu
Tamilnadu Tourism

Does the idea of getting lost in acres of lush greenery in the rain excite you? In that case, visit the Kodaikanal in the months of July and August. Kodaikanal, “The Gift of the Forest”, is a scenic beauty that extends its charm further during the monsoons. The small mountain town of Tamil Nadu provides a refreshing holiday.

Magic of Monsoon

In the rainy season, the whole area of the hill station looks incredibly cool. The delicious smell of rain-soft mud wafts through the trees, rejuvenating your senses. Kodaikanal in the monsoon season is a dream come true for serious and amateur photographers. Here you have the opportunity to take lovely pictures of fog-covered hills and surrounding landscapes while the sun plays hidden with the clouds.

More Things You Can Do in Kodaikanal

Bear Shola and Silver Cascade amazing waterfalls near the boom at the hill station with water rinsing in the monsoons, which will remind you of one of your favorite wallpaper.

4. Shillong, Meghalaya

Shillong Tourism

Meghalaya is one of the seven states of Northeastern India. If you want to meet the monsoon clouds, a visit to Shillong in Meghalaya should be on your wish list. Meghalaya means (Abode of the Cloud in Sanskrit), you can guess what comes your way in the monsoon. So get ready to experience the exotic rainy season with your love.

Fog misty clouds, lush greenery everywhere, and noisy waterfalls are the reasons for the visit. During the rainy season, visit Elephant Falls and Spread Eagle Falls. Both waterfalls fed by the rain provide a unique view.

Magic of Monsoon

The intensity of the rains on the rise is such that it can slow down the world around you. Cars, people, animals, and everyone must bow to Mother Nature in Meghalaya.

More Things You Can Do in Shillong

Once in Shillong, proceed to Elephant Waterfall, which cascades with thunder.

5. Pondicherry – The Best Places to Visit in India During Monsoon Season

Pondicherry Tourism

Pondicherry, affectionately known as Pondy, is famous for its awesome and attractive beaches, a visit to the monsoon territory of the Union allows you to enjoy the lush green fields and surrounding mountainous terrains bursting with lush greenery.

Magic of Monsoon

When you come down the Promenade Beach of Pondy in monsoons, you will probably be drenched by the violent waves of the Bay of Bengal splashing on the walls. Shady gray, damp, rainy clouds hanging up from the sky welcome you to Pondicherry this season. Another advantage of visiting Pondicherry in the monsoons is that there are few tourists. So go ahead and enjoy some of the famous Indo-French cuisines with a combo of liquor as the world slowly moves around you in the rain. Pondy definitely tops the list among one of the best monsoon destinations in India.

More Things You Can Do in Pondicherry

If relaxing on a vacay is what you prefer, then a visit to the Auroville Universal City is a must, where you can meditate amidst verdant green lawns while clouds pour around.

6. Goa

Goa Tourism

You will often hear from several people who say that you should not visit Goa during monsoons. But wait and think again, this is on our list of exotic monsoon destinations in India. Although sunny beaches are the best places to visit in early summer and winter, they can also be exciting during monsoons. It’s just that you need to visit the right places and indulge in activities that can only be enjoyed during the sexy rainy season.

Magic of Monsoon

You can not only enjoy the popular beaches of Goa during the monsoons in total seclusion but also wander to breathtaking places along with the western ghats that are full of new life. Be prepared to surrender to the picturesque beauty of Goa as the state has much to offer during the monsoons.

More Things You Can Do in Goa

During the monsoons, you can visit nature reserves, enjoy the vegetation of the spice plantations, and take a hike to the iconic Dudhsagar Falls. Be prepared to surrender to the picturesque beauty of Goa as the state has much to offer during the monsoons.

7. Munnar, Kerala


Fog-covered spice plantations and tea gardens welcome you as you travel to Munnar, Kerala, in the monsoons. Munnar is actually one of the most beautiful and popular destinations in the mountains of India. It is also counted as one of the best honeymoon destinations in India for newlyweds couples.

Magic of Monsoon

Every morning you wake up with drops of dew rolling lazily from the leaves of the trees. This mountain station is nothing short of a paradise in August. Views of high mountains shrouded in fog are sure to revive your soul. Go to Munnar if you are looking for a peaceful time in the middle of nature.

More Things You Can Do in Munnar, Kerala

You can enjoy all this at incredibly low prices during monsoons as it is considered a low season.

8. Wayanad, Kerala

Kerala Tourism

Wayanad is famous for its hills and mountains and is home to the top Chembra amidst beautiful valleys and adventure hiking trails. Wayanad is located just over 70 km from Kozhikode and is one of the best places to visit in India during monsoons. And it is covered on all Kerala travel plans. Although a bit risky, the hike to Pico Chembra is one of the most enjoyable experiences that tourists have ever encountered.

Magic of Monsoon

Travelers love to flock to this mountain station in August just to enjoy the monsoons as the destination is blessed with some of India’s heaviest rain. The green of tea, coffee, spices, nuts, and rubber plantations along with the fresh wind makes you indulge in adventure activities like trekking.

More Things You Can Do in Wayanad, Kerala

Go to the Banasura Hill Trek, explore the Edakkal Caves, hike on Kuruva Island, and the Wayanad Tea Plantations, especially in August and September.

9. Ranikhet, Uttarakhand

Uttrakhand Tourism

Ranikhet is a charming mountain station located in the state of Uttarakhand, famous for its incredible natural beauty. The literal meaning “Prado da Rainha” offers the picturesque town a majestic view of the pine trees in the lush green forests below.

Magic of Monsoon

Monsoons come, clouds flow through the forests and show you the hill season like never before. A walk through the green slopes this season is guaranteed to be a refreshing one. One piece of advice – visit this mountain station at the beginning of the monsoon, as the risk of landslides increases exponentially when it rains a lot.

More Things You Can Do in Ranikhet, Uttarakhand

Enjoy the emerald-beautiful Bhalu Dam, the tranquil surroundings of Haidakhan Temple and the 8th-century Jhula Devi Shrine.

10. Cherrapunjee, Meghalaya

Northeast Tourism

If you are not bothered by thunderstorm clouds and abundant rain, there is no better destination for you than Cherrapunjee. With the record for being the second wettest place in the world, this destination in Meghalaya offers green landscapes and mountains to walk. The abundant vegetation and the two-story wooden bridges ensure that your photos are worth sharing.

More Things You Can Do in Cherrapunjee

Do not forget to drink several cups of Meghalaya tea in the rain, which is very different from Darjeeling tea. Taking a different spot during the monsoons can be fun, but visiting Cherrapunjee this season is a whole other game.

Make this amazing monsoon season an unforgettable one by traveling to these top monsoon destinations in India. We guarantee that you will boast of your trip to all your friends and family.

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