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golghar patna

Golghar is one of the oldest monuments of Bihar. It is situated in the city of Patna. It is simple but yet one of the charming architecture which is a mixture of history and natural beauty. Golghar is a massive granary which is situated near the river Ganga. This beautiful architecture has been built by Captain John Garstin with the purpose to store food or as a storehouse. However, it is never filled with its maximum capacity due to some of the engineering faults such as the doors open inwards only and when the granary has been fully filled inside this the gates won’t open.

In addition, you can view a magnificent panoramic view of the Patna city and the Ganga from the top of this beautiful structure. As it is situated in a peaceful and sublime location of the city people from every corner of the city came here to get a respite from the din of the Patna city.

Surrounded by a lush green garden, its stupa shaped architecture of Golghar is such an attractive sight to behold in the eyes of the beholder. There are 145 stairs in the Golghar Patna which takes you to the top of the city from where you can see similar to the bird’s eye view of the entire Patna. If you want to see the ancient view of the city Golghar is one of the ancient monuments in Patna, you can feel the pleasure of a gentle wind blow in the evening and morning time. This will certainly give you serene travel experience. Here at Golghar you can also arrange a picnic in the garden area and enjoy yourself with your family, friends, and girl-friend.

The government and the governing authorities make an effort to improve visitors to Golghar now a lights and sound show have been organized every evening. Whenever you came to Patna or on a trip to Patna then visit this beautiful sightseeing place of t Patna along with your family or friends.

Golghar Patna: History of The Iconic Place of Patna


The main purpose behind the construction of this amazing piece of architecture, Golghar was no tourism at all, rather it was meant to safeguard the population of Patna against the disaster of food shortage in time of war or drought. After the devastating famine of 1770 which took lives around 10 million people in Bengal, Bihar and modern-day country known as Bangladesh, Warren Hastings, the Governor-General of India in British rule, ordered the construction of this beehive stupa shaped structure for the purpose of storing grains or food for the British Army.

It was conceived and built by Captain sir John Garstin, an engineer working with the East India Company, and has a storage capacity of grains about 140000 tons. The construction of this masterpiece Golghar was completed in 1786 and there has been also done a conscious effort to improve the appearance and maintenance of the Golghar same since 2002.

Golghar Patna has been built along the lines of a shaped as a stupa, the beehive-like architectural structure of Golghar stands tall at a height of 29 meters. The edifice stands without any pillars along with a 3.6-meter thick wall at the base. The entire structure of the monument is quite simple in design and does not have any embellishment on its surface. A journey of 145 steps on the stairs along the perimeter of Golghar takes you to the top of the site, where the structure of Golghar has a hole from which bags of grain could be dropped into the safehouse.

Things To Do at Patna Golghar

Golghar Patna

If you are on a Patna tour or trip to Patna then you should visit the famous ancient masterpiece popularly known as Golghar. In other words, we can also say it as one of the iconic structures of Patna city. if you are at Golghar then you can enjoy a light and sound show which has been organized every evening. This light show used an array of various colorful laser lights, illustrations on the sound beats. It starts daily at 6:15 PM but on Friday, Saturday and Sunday it will start at 7:15 PM. You can book tickets to enjoy the show 30 minutes to start. The ticket price is around 30 Indian rupees per person.

How To Reach Golghar Patna

Golghar is the nearest place to Gandhi Maidan and you can take an automatic rickshaw off the main road in Dujra to reach this destination. You can also take the bus or hire a taxi to reach it.

Golghar Patna: Commonly Asked Questions By Visitors

Q1. Do you need to book in advance tickets to visit Golghar Patna?

→ We recommend booking Golghar tours ahead of time to secure your spot.

Q2. What hotels are near Golghar Patna?

→ Hotels near Golghar:

  • The Panache (0.47 km)
  • Lemon Tree Premier, Patna (0.56 km)
  • Hotel Gargee Grand (0.74 km)
  • Ginger Patna (1.23 km)
  • Patliputra Exotica (0.87 km)

Q3. What restaurants are near Golghar Patna?

→ Restaurants near Golghar Patna:

  • Bansi Vihar (1.34 km)
  • Biryani Mahal (1.55 km)
  • Dominos (1.34 km)
  • Absolute Barbecues Patna (1.09 km)
  • Kapil Dev’s Elevens (1.19 km)

Q4. What attractions are near Golghar Patna?

→ Attractions near Golghar Patna:

  • Buddha Smriti Park (1.34 km)
  • Patna Museum (1.48 km)
  • Gandhi Maidan (0.89 km)

Distance from Patna Junction Railway Station – 3.7 Kms

Ideal Time to Explore the Place – 1 to 2 Hours

Visiting Hours – 9:30 AM – 6:00 PM

Entry Fee – No entry fee

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